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The digital transformation in government is a fact, if you think about monitoring think about VZOR, we are specialists.

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«The Digital Transformation Strategy is a fundamental part of the Modernization of the State, since it seeks to materialize a series of principles associated with the technological change that is happening globally and that experts have called the fourth industrial revolution»

– Estrategia de Transformación Digital del Estado de Chile, 25 de abril de 2019 –

VZOR Suite sobre convenio marco del Gobierno de Chile.

Los organismos públicos pueden adquirir nuestros productos VZOR SUITE dentro del Convenio Marco del Gobierno de Chile. VZOR SUITE forma parte del Acuerdo Marco de servicios que permiten tener una oferta de Licencias de Hardware y Software para organizaciones públicas. CÓDIGO 239-7-LP14

Challenges of digital government - 5 Axes


Evaluate the role of branch and help desk networks.


Digital connectivity.


Digital economy.


Digital skills.


TCO cost optimization.

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