Monitoring in the health sector

We are experts in IT and 360º monitoring of the different technological platforms that our clients operate and support.

Challenges of the healthcare industry


Omnichannel orchestrates the interactions between actors in the Health Sector. Patients, users, providers, health authorities and others need to interact and omnichannel platforms must solve it.


It is necessary to optimize processes, generate savings and improve the user experience incrementally and in all channels.


The traceability and regulatory compliance management requirements impact and stress the core of the business.


Telemedicine offers a solution to confinement problems and high demand for services, but requires support information, such as medical records, access to imaging and others.


Artificial intelligence offers benefits to understand and manage the behaviors and needs of users and patients.


The commercial and marketing areas require feedback from users and patients, to manage action plans.


The pace of change is accelerating, requiring investment and strategic partners.


Operational continuity is increasingly critical.

Value added VZOR

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