Monitoring in the mining industry

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«It includes the infrastructure of Information Technology (IT), Operational Technologies (OT), capture, management and integration of data from the mining operation and its environment, allowing the integral management of the value chain in all its dimensions»

– Consejo Minero, Fundación Chile y Corporación Alta Ley –

Challenges of the mining industry


Evaluate the role of branch and help desk networks.


Accelerate the digitization of infrastructure and processes.


Strengthen analysis and data capacity.


Take advantage of the shift to a digital economy and benefit.


Increase in electronic payments, digital currencies and fintech, threaten to disintermediate banking.


Se requieren nuevos modelos y estrategias de riesgo. de un software y servicio moderno y flexible, adaptable a diferentes tecnologías y con capacidad para predecir el consumo de recursos críticos.


The pace of change is accelerating: you must invest and have strategic partners.


Have new skills to manage business processes and Artificial Intelligence.


Big Data and technological platforms will be at the center of the change. New operating models emerge.


Build capabilities to support growth, but with a low TCO.

Value added VZOR

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