Business activity monitoring

VZOR Suite 360° es una robusta plataforma de servicios de monitoreo la cual está orientada a satisfacer en un 100% los requerimientos planteados por la industria 4.0.

What does VZOR Suite 360 ​​° do?

VZOR Suite 360 ​​° performs End to End monitoring of its main services and processes, integrating the main monitoring and management functions for the implementation of a technological corporate governance, through the use of its innovative functionalities.

VZOR Suite 360°

Why choose us?

  • Improve business results and your digital operation.
  • Perfect the User Experience (UX).
  • Provides 360º visibility to your organization.
  • Lowers operational cost (TCO).
  • It centralizes the main monitoring functions.
  • Integrate and consolidate all your business data.
  • Predict incidents ensuring operational continuity.
  • Stress the infrastructure leading to substantial improvements

VZOR Suite benefits

Monitoring 3.0

hrough a configuration mechanism that is capable of understanding the operation of the services and the dependencies they have with the technological assets.
VZOR certifies the SLA it delivers, through our Dashboards and Reports.

360º Visibility

By monitoring the layers of security, applications, servers, communications middleware, databases, indicators (KPI), user experience and IOT, it provides 360 ° visibility to the technology operation and business units.

Completeness of services

VZOR Suite 360º, has the necessary tools, which provide, to a very competitive TCO, relevant information on the results of the digital operation and the main indicators of processes and services that need to be captured, stored, processed and presented by the different businesses units.

Solutions available in


If you are looking to own an in-house process monitoring solution, VZOR’s On-Premises offering is the right system for you.

VZOR Suite On-cloud

Monitor from the cloud and access your information anywhere, and from any device with an internet connection.

Try our platform and improve the results of your commercial operations.