Application monitoring

Mida la experiencia real de su usuario, y realice monitoreo de aplicaciones End to End.

What does VZOR Apps Monitor do?

Middleware monitoring

Robust and extensive monitoring mechanism of the integration layer that allows the interpolarity of the different applications and business platforms.

User experience monitoring

Simulate real user interactions with our automated processes in applications. It allows to correctly measure its operation and availability, applicable to Web or Mobile systems.

Legacy and mobile app monitoring

There are several techniques available to cover monitoring of old, unmeasured applications, even if they are not Web in nature. Measure your availability and response times to anticipate any errors users experience.

Benefits of VZOR Apps Monitor


It allows to know in depth the experience of the users.


It allows you to react in time when integrations between applications fail.


It works to improve non-face channels.


Integra Legacy System and other non-web.

Try our platform and improve the results of your commercial operations.