Technological operational risk monitoring

Monitoring of metrics for compliance with Corporate Technological Governance.

What does VZOR Risk Monitor do?


Native integration with VZOR Suite 360, which allows the automation of multiple IT management indicators.


Maintainer of regulations and configuration of dependencies with each process and its indicators.


Dashboards of operational risk technology matrix based on (COBIT 2019).


Maintainer of personalized Dashboards with all the desired management indicators.

VZOR Risk Monitor benefits


It automatically provides the visualization of the main technological operational risk indicators, based on multiple technology management standards .. (COBIT 2019, ITIL Version and 4, etc.)


Risk Monitor has a workflow maintainer (WorkFlows), which is dynamic and flexible, being able to implement any process based on the use of tickets.


We have a Technological Operational Risk Management Dashboard, where you can appreciate the main risk processes suggested by COBIT 2019 and their indicators in a marked way.


Thanks to our technology, we can adapt workflows that undergo changes due to their regulations and their new versions. This avoids having to migrate the platform and lose the history of its operation.

Try our platform and improve the results of your commercial operations.