Monitoreo sintético

VZOR Stress Monitor is a platform that emulates users in real operating conditions and, based on synthetic navigation, executes different user flows in the digital channel Web or Android Application.

What does VZOR Stress Monitor do?

Load Test

The application / endpoint will be loaded with a number of concurrent clients during a certain period of time, the idea is to certify that the application / endpoint can support that amount.

Stability test

Once the number of concurrent clients supported has been determined with the prior stress test, a new test of several hours will be launched with this maximum number of clients, with the aim of evaluating whether the platform is capable of sustaining it in a stable manner for a period of time. specified number of hours.

Stress test

La aplicación/endpoint será testeado cada vez con más usuarios concurrentes, hasta visualizar el fallo de las respuestas y que la aplicación/endpoint comience a degradarse.

Spike testing

This test is responsible for evaluating the response of the application / endpoint in abrupt scenarios of random increases in client connections. This allows you to determine if the platform can scale adequately in the event of random events and maintain availability.

VZOR Stress Monitor benefits

Flexible and scalable platform

Our Stress service is designed to scale horizontally, allowing our clients to emulate real transaction environments at a highly competitive and convenient cost.

The most complete on the market

We have tests that use different digital channel certification techniques and their different "EndPoints" which must operate continuously and with the agility that users demand today.

The best price & quality ratio

Our business model is quite disruptive for the conventional offer that exists in the market, today we make this service much more accessible to companies of all kinds of sizes, who seek to ensure a good experience for their users.

Continuous Innovation

At VZOR we are constantly innovating, which allows our clients to have the peace of mind that the services will always be supervised and improved to the extent that it is technically feasible.

Try our platform and improve the results of your commercial operations.