Solutions that guarantee the operational continuity of your business

In today’s digital age, achieving operational excellence is critical to your business. Our solutions contribute to preserving and improving the continuity of operations and business, providing visibility across the organization.


VZOR® Suite 360º

All in one – 360º Monitoring, IT Management and Risk + Automated NOC. The new Industry 4.0 in your hands.


Application performance monitoring and observability

VZOR® Brain Monitor

Operational Intelligence is impossible without AI (Artificial Intelligence)

VZOR Stress Monitor- azul oscuro - sin borde

VZOR® Stress Monitor

Stress tests for your Web and Android digital channels.

VZOR® Apps Monitor

Synthetic Monitoring for Web and Android apps.

VZOR® Infra Monitor

Infrastructure monitoring and IT/IoT/OT Inventory.

VZOR® Business Monitor

Business activity monitoring

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