VZOR® Brain Monitor

A complementary solution to our suite, offering two different features based on machine learning and deep learning.

Operational Intelligence would not be possible without AI (Artificial Intelligence)

VZOR® Brain Monitor to detect anomalies in the technological infrastructure and VZOR® Brain Monitor forecast service incidents. Both solutions are available in VZOR® Suite 360°.


The anomaly detection learns from the behavior of the sensors in the technological infrastructure and, based on that learning, is able to adjust alarms generated by exceeding thresholds. 


Regarding the incident forecasting system, it learns about events and incidents in your services, classifying and correlating them to calculate a forecast percentage of incident occurrence in the future.

Main features

Smart infrastructure monitoring based on behavior

Detection of anomalies

Alarms and automatic escalations through ticket creation

Incident forecasting

Principales Funciones

Monitoreo de la infraestructura de manera inteligente en base al comportamiento​

Detección de anomalías en el tiempo​

Pronosticar posibles incidentes ​

Alarmas y escalamiento Automaticos a través de la creación de tickets​

Benefits and scopes of the solution

Proactivity against the occurrence of incidents

Monitoring system based on behavioral learning, not on thresholds

Improved alarms, fewer false positives

Cost-saving from losses due to operational incidents

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