Platform - VZOR Suite 360 ​​°

It is a business activity monitoring platform that provides, in real time, a comprehensive End to End vision, measuring the company's ICT ecosystem and its main business processes and operational continuity.

Service model


ㅤVZOR Suite On-Premises

VZOR Suite On-cloud

ㅤVZOR Suite On-Cloud

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Improves business results and operations

Mejora los resultados y las operaciones comerciales.

Perfect the User Experience (UX).

Perfecciona la experiencia del usuario (UX)

Provides 360º visibility to your organization.

Brinda visibilidad de 360º a su organización

Lowers operational cost (TCO).


It centralizes the main monitoring functions, end-to-end monitoring.

Centraliza las principales funciones de monitorización

Integrate and consolidate all your business data.

Integre y consolide todos sus datos comerciales.

Predict incidents ensuring operational continuity.

Predecir incidentes

It stresses the infrastructure leading to substantial improvements.

Reduce el costo operativo (TCO)

Automate incident management process.

Automatice el proceso de gestión de incidentes

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